Brightline launches multi-directional LED lighting fixture for conferencing environments

Brightline has announced the launch of its cMe3 multi-directional LED lighting fixture, designed for conferencing in huddle rooms, classrooms and other meeting spaces.

The cMe3 features a tubular profile with a length of 0.91 metres for smaller collaboration spaces in business, education, broadcasting and government environments. 

A wrap-around, double-frosted diffusion lens is included to counter glare, with adjustable intensity and colour temperature options. 

Manual controls are included alongside an infaret remote to adjust brightness and colour temperature on the fly, in addition to user-defined pre-set options to change the lighting from one meeting to another. 

The cMe3 can be wall-mounted both horizontally or vertically, and is available with a backbox for hard-wiring in new-construction environments, or with a plug set for mounting on a surface, wall or furniture. 

Additionally, the cMe3 can be used in either single or dual mount configurations, articulating and rotating to achieve a desired angle. 

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