Brightcom updates VCS to bolster admin tools

Brightcom has updated its software based Visual Collaboration System, providing new tools to manage server and endpoint configuration, back up, license keys and upgrades.

The software based telepresence and video conferencing infrastructure allows businesses to administrate server and conferencing endpoints through one touch, automatic updates.

The BrightCom Visual Collaboration System (VCS) is the backbone of BrightCom’s telepresence and video conferencing platform.

The VCS administration panel provides a wide variety of tools to help manage different functions including configuration, back up, license keys and upgrades. Administrators are able to back up existing server or endpoint configurations consisting of settings, directory services, users and endpoint information. Configurations are easily reloaded or re-imported when the VCS system is upgraded or refreshed.

The VCS’s new license manager allows administrators to generate and upload license keys to the server. The VCS will regenerate the license key along with the latest server updates. When completed the server or endpoint can be shut down or refreshed, either remotely or on site, and the license key will be updated.

When upgrading the entire VCS deployment, administrators are able to download the new version of the software from BrightCom or BrightCom can stream it to the business. In one click, new features and enhancements of the VCS are automatically updated to the system.

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