Bose ships PowerShare amps

Bose is shipping its PowerShare adaptable power amplifiers that deliver 600 watts of power that can be shared across al output channels.

The range consists of three 1U models: 2- and 4- channel fixed-install models (PS602 and PS604) and one 2-channel portable amplifier (PS602P). 

Units offer support for both low- and high-impedance loads up to 100V and have onboard configurable loudspeaker processing and direct access to zone controllers.  

Patented PowerShare technology allows installers to use total amplifier power in the application. For applications requiring additional signal processing, the PowerShare Editor software offers real-time selection and control of Bose loudspeaker EQs, 9-band PEQs, mixing, crossover, limiters, delay, and mute/output polarity through a USB connection. For basic setups without a PC, rear-panel settings allow installers to recall Bose loudspeaker equalization and protection per output channel.

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