Bose adds EdgeMax in-ceiling loudspeaker

Bose Professional is now shipping its EdgeMax in-ceiling loudspeakers, which feature proprietary Bose PhaseGuide technology.

Designed for mounting near wall boundaries, EdgeMax loudspeakers project high-frequency sound throughout rooms up to 65 feet (20-metres) wide using only perimeter mounting locations, and can effectively cover an area that would require up to four conventional conical-coverage models.

EdgeMax loudspeakers can eliminate the need for conventional ceiling speakers mounted in the centre of rooms, or surface-mount loudspeakers mounted on walls. EdgeMax loudspeakers can also reduce the total number of in-ceiling loudspeakers required, enabling installers to move efficiently through the installation.

Additionally, EdgeMax loudspeakers produce intelligibility for speech and full-frequency response for music, making them suitable for retail, commercial, industrial, institutional and conferencing applications.

EdgeMax in-ceiling premium loudspeakers are available with two different horizontal coverage patterns. EdgeMax EM90 models provide nominal 90-degree horizontal coverage and are intended for in-ceiling mounting near room corners. EdgeMax EM180 models provide nominal 180-degree horizontal coverage and are intended for in-ceiling mounting near wall boundaries centred along target coverage zones. Both models feature 75-degree asymmetrical vertical coverage, which is optimised for ceiling heights between 8-feet and 20-feet.

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