Bose Professional launches DesignMax loudspeakers

Bose Professional has announced that it has released its DesignMax range of loudspeakers in Europe, consisting of 10 full-range loudspeakers and two subwoofers including ceiling and surface mounted options available in black or white.

The loudspeakers are available in a variety of sizes, from two-in models to eight-in models with a coaxially mounted compression driver, with the new line including several subwoofer options in eight-in and 10-in woofer configurations and ceiling and surface mount designs. 

Select models also feature the Bose dispersion alignment system to provide wide off-axis response. 

The DesignMax range can also be paired with Bose DSPs and smart amplifiers, with the range’s surface-mounted models featuring hidden U-brackets for a closer, discrete fit to a wall. 

The loudspeakers feature ‘QuickHold’ mounting mechanisms, fitting into the corresponding QuickHold U-bracket which allows installers to adjust the pitch then lock the loudspeaker in to place. 

Ceiling-mounted models in the range allow the loudspeaker to be pushed into the ceiling opening where the QuickHold mounting arms spring into place, holding the loudspeaker securely. 

Each model in the DesignMax range includes Euroblock connectors, with ceiling-mounted models including plenum-rated backcans, tile bridges and front access audio wiring.  

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