Bose introduces AudioPack Pro Systems

Bose has announced its AudioPack Pro systems, combining Bose’s line of in-ceiling and surface-mount FreeSpace loudspeakers and FreeSpace amplifier into a pre-designed package.

The package includes either four or six Bose Professional FreeSpace loudspeakers, with an IZA 190-HZ integrated zone amplifier.

Three configurations are available in EMEA, including the AudioPack Pro C4W (X4 white, in-ceiling FreeSpace FS2C loudspeakers, X1 FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ amplifier), AudioPack Pro S4W (X4 white, surface-mount FS2S loudspeakers, X1 FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ amplifier) and the AudioPack Pro S4B (X4 black, surface-mount FreeSpace FS2SE loudspeakers, X1 FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ amplifier).

Installation instructions are also available via a QR code printed on the box.

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