Bose boosts PA capabilities with L1 Pro portable line arrays

Bose Professional is pushing the capabilities of PA systems with the launch of its L1 Pro portable line array systems.

The audio company announced L1 Pro8, the L1 Pro16, and L1 Pro32 units with a choice of two subwoofers. The products offer 180-degree horizontal coverage. The systems have Bluetooth streaming capabilities and access to the library of ToneMatch custom EQ presets.

The L1 Mix app can be used with the systems and offers wireless control. Performers can adjust mixer settings via phone or tablet from the stage or within a room. Volume and tone settings can also be changed in the app. 

L1 Pro8
The L1 Pro8 weighs 17.7kgs and is suitable for small venues such as cafes. Its C-shaped line array features eight articulated 2-in neodymium drivers and it offers 180-degree horizontal coverage with wide vertical dispersion. Its integrated 7-in × 13-in subwoofer features a high-excursion RaceTrack driver.

L1 Pro16 
The L1 Pro16 weighs 24.4kgs and is suitable for DJs, singer-songwriters, and small groups performing in small-to-medium sized venues clubs and bars. Its J-shaped line array features 16 articulated 2-in neodymium drivers and 180-degree horizontal coverage, tight vertical control on top, and wide dispersion on the bottom. An integrated 10-in × 18-in subwoofer features a high-excursion neodymium RaceTrack driver.

L1 Pro32 
The L1 Pro32 is the most advanced L1 portable line array and weighs 13kgs. Sub1 and Sub2 modular subwoofers weigh 16.1kgs and 23.4kgs respectively. It is suited to medium-to-large-sized venues and events. Its straight line array features 32 articulated 2-in neodymium drivers and 180-degree horizontal coverage with the most focused vertical coverage pattern and highest SPL over distance in an L1 product.  It combines with the Bose Sub1 or Sub2 powered bass module via a single-cable and SubMatch connectivity is included for both power and audio. Two Sub1 or Sub2 subwoofers can be stacked for more bass, while Cardioid Mode offers focused, directional performance. 

Each L1 Pro system features a built-in mixer, allowing creators to connect various instruments, microphones and other sources. Two combo XLR-1/4-in phantom-powered inputs, ¼-in and 1/8-in (3.5mm) aux inputs are included. Illuminated rotary encoders provide access to volume, tone and reverb settings per channel. Additional instruments and other audio sources can be added via a dedicated ToneMatch port — one cable provides both power and digital audio between the system and an optional Bose T4S or T8S mixer (sold separately).  

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