Bose bolsters line-array tech with ShowMatch launch

Bose Professional has pushed forward its line-array loudspeaker development with the launch of ShowMatch DeltaQ array loudspeakers.

DeltaQ technology allows changes in directivity or “Q” for each module in the array in a bid to improve sound quality by better matching total array coverage to audience areas and distance, with improved phase coherency. 

ShowMatch array loudspeakers feature Bose’s most versatile DeltaQ design, for permanent  and portable installations with field-changeable waveguides in compact enclosures.  

The loudspeakers feature four extended-HF Bose EMB2S compression drivers with two 8-in neodymium woofers. Modules will be available with 5-, 10-, or 20-degree vertical coverage. Integrated rigging is rated for up to 24-box arrays. A matching-width single 18-inch subwoofer will also be available together with a complete line of rigging accessories.

Bose tips the product for use in small clubs, houses of worship, corporate AV events, performing arts centres and amphitheatres.  

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