Bose bolsters L1 with PA product and bass unit

Bose Professional Systems Division has expanded its L1 family of line array systems with the L1 Model 1S system and B2 bass module.

The L1 Model 1S system is designed to provide sound reinforcement for audiences of up to 300 and its 12-speaker articulated line array provides 180-degree horizontal coverage.

It consists of four lightweight pieces that pack into three carrying bags and is designed for DJs and general PA applications.

The L1 Model 1S system also includes an integrated ToneMatch port that provides a single cable digital connection to the T1 ToneMatch audio engine, a multichannel audio device that provides four input channels with independent selection of Tone Match presets and effects.

It provides access to tone-shaping technologies and provides a suite of effects and processing, as well as additional channels for instruments or microphones when used with Bose L1 portable line array systems.

The B2 bass module is designed for users who require more powerful bass output and features two 10" high excursion woofers mounted in a rugged enclosure. The B2 is engineered to work with the L1 Model 1S and Model II systems. It includes a rear panel switch with three output settings, each of which is automatically sensed and equalised by the L1 system for optimised performance. When paired with a Model II and a Packlite power amplifier, interlocking end caps enable up to two B2 bass modules to be stacked together.

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