Bosch upgrades congress solutions

Bosch has introduced its new Central Control Unit (CCU) for its DCN Next Generation and DCN Wireless systems. The new CCU allows both wired and wireless delegate units to be integrated into one system.

Each control unit is now capable of controlling up to 245 wired and 245 wireless delegate devices.  Furthermore, the CCU has been enhanced with the addition of several cost-saving features.

The output power has been increased to enable it to drive more delegate units, reducing the need and expense of additional power supplies required for larger systems. The CCU can also be configured as a network controller, eliminating the need for a dedicated network controller which is typically required in large multi-CCU systems of up to 4000 delegates.  

New functionality has been added to the DCN Wireless Discussion system. It now features a voice activation mode, which allows microphones to be switched on automatically once delegates begin to speak; thus enabling more spontaneous and open discussions. Further enhancements include the 128-bit AES Rijndael encryption for the DCN Wireless, which gives optimum protection against eavesdropping. 

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