Bosch updates Video Client software to BVC 1.3

Bosch Security Systems has updated its Video Client software, a Windows PC application for live viewing and playback of network-connected cameras, to release BVC 1.3

The software is supplied with Bosch IP cameras and is optimised for use in small-to-medium size CCTV installations. It supports up to 16 cameras free of charge.

This number can be increased to 128 by purchasing additional licenses. The enhanced software also allows the simultaneous, live viewing of up to 40 Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) channels on two monitors.

BVC 1.3 can also display live images and recordings from cameras attached to either the Divar 700 Series or to Recording Station from Bosch (BRS). Furthermore, it controls the video displays of IP cameras and encoders on Bosch HD decoders, or on monitor walls.

The software package consists of a live viewing and playback application plus a configuration manager and a set-up wizard. Cameras can be quickly configured for the most common lighting conditions, while still allowing individual settings on each camera to be adjusted for optimised results. Sets of favourite views can be defined and named by each user. In playback mode, BVC 1.3 can display recordings from up to four cameras simultaneously, search for alarm and motion events, and export relevant video footage.

Cameras with PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) capability can be aimed by clicking and dragging the mouse in the cameo, by using the PTZ control console, or the IntuiKey CCTV keyboard. Operators control video recordings either locally on a camera’s memory card, via the Video Recording Manager, on the Divar 700 Series, or on the BRS.

Motion, alarm and forensic search can be conducted on recorded video, and BVC’s electronic zoom may be used to scrutinise critical areas of live and recorded scenes. The solution includes ten-minute direct recording for two sources.

The recorded video can also be exported in Windows ASF or the native Bosch format when legal authentication is needed. Video export is a background task, allowing BVC to continue operating during export. In addition, snapshots of a recorded camera video image can also be exported locally.

BVC will soon include support for the DVR 400 and DVR 600 recorder families.