Bosch updates Dicentis conference software

Bosch has released version 1.3 of its Dicentis Wireless Conference System software, offering more stability, and improved channel switching.

It is now possible to assign and configure wireless access points (WAP) as primary or redundant, for improved meeting continuity. In case of an unforeseen infrastructural problem such as a power shortage, the redundant WAP will automatically synchronize all system settings – usually within a minute – and take over as primary WAP.

The respective operation mode of each WAP is clearly indicated by LEDs on the device as well as in the browser configuration menu. Wireless WAP redundancy can be managed over the Wi-Fi network; the WAPs can be connected to each other without the need of using any cables – a feature which comes in handy during the configuration process.

The new software from Bosch allows the exclusion of specific Wi-Fi channels during automatic channel switching. This is particularly relevant if fixed channels are exclusively reserved for other systems. These channels can be deselected in the web browser menu, thus preventing system interferences caused by channel overlapping.

The graphical user interface of the web browser now features a three bar signal strength icon, providing a quick visual reference of the signal strength of each wireless discussion device. There are also extended setup options to assign up to 25 open microphones if needed.

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