Bosch updates Access Professional Edition software

bosch APE

Bosch Security Systems has released Access Professional Edition (APE) 3.3 software for small to medium size enterprises.

The scalable software version allows a significant increase in the number of readers which can be supported by one network. It integrates with the Milestone XProtect Video Management System (VMS), and uses the software development kit (SDK) to integrate third-party functionalities. It also supports Windows 10, and offers enhanced security through the encrypted Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP).

Bosch APE 3.3 software allows a network of up to 512 readers and 64 floors. It integrates into Milestone XProtect VMS. Security operators can manage video verification as well as Bosch access readers and controllers using only the Milestone software interface.

With the enhanced SDK developers are able to integrate third-party functionalities such as cardholder information, door control, employee time and attendance monitoring, and payroll systems. Once user data is entered, it is available throughout the system, across integrated functions, and can be managed through the APE 3.3 user interface.

Finally, OSDP v2 support now allows advanced, encrypted communication between readers and controllers, so security managers can connect APE 3.3 securely with existing Bosch or third-party equipment. Bi-directional communication enables monitoring of readers and controllers to ensure proper functionality, and communication is fully encrypted and secure along the entire path from the reader to the controller, and to the management software.