Bosch Security Systems bolsters DCN wireless system

Bosch Security Systems is extending the functionality of its DCN wireless system with the launch of a new central control unit (CCU).

Enhancements include 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Rijndael encryption for protection against eavesdropping. This function makes the solution suitable for events requiring a high level of security, such as NATO, G8 and EU summit meetings.

The wireless system now features a voice activation mode, which allows microphones to be switched on automatically once the delegates begin to speak. This enables spontaneous and open discussions. It is also possible to program a list of VIP participants into the system, so that these delegates have special privileges and their comments have priority over those of the other delegates.

The CCU allows simultaneous use of wired and wireless delegate units in one system. One unit is capable of controlling up to 245 wired and 245 wireless delegate units. With the new CCU, the DCN Wireless Discussion System can also benefit from the many advantages of the latest version of the Conference Software Suite (DCN-SW). These advantages also include enhanced access control. The delegates can be allocated their own seat and PIN number. Each delegate unit can only be accessed with the relevant number which allows the participants to confirm their attendance.

The DCN Wireless Discussion System offers a video client solution for displaying conference specific information on a large screen, as well as the option to configure and manage DCN Next Generation interpreter desks.
The new CCU also features an Ethernet connection to the control PC, allowing greater distances to be bridged without converters than with an RS-232 connection (maximum 15 meters).

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