Bosch launches Praesensa PRA-SCS small system controller

Bosch has added the PRA-SCS small system controller to its Praesensa public address and voice alarm system, enabling optimisation of Praesensa system components to meet specific project needs.

Designed for mid-sized applications, the PRA-SCS small system controller allows integrators, installers and consultants to access more options for designing a customised Praesensa public address and voice alarm system across a range of installation sectors, such as hospitality, education, retail stores and commercial buildings, delivering announcements and background music via the system’s control interface.

The PRA-SCS can oversee all system-related functions within an IP-based Praesens system, including routing of all audio connections between network-connected Praesensa audio sources and destinations. The system handles calls, emergency alerts, collects device status information and generates fault reports.

The small system controller can also play back messages and tones stored on its flash memory, managing background music streams, business calls, and emergency calls based on priority level and zone occupancy. An internal real-time clock is included to schedule events and features such as event time stamping, with support for network time protocol (NTP) and automatic adjustment for daylight saving time.

Similarly to the PRA-SCL counterpart, the PRA-SCS small system controller can deliver multi-channel audio and provide a browser-based control interface. The controller fits both centralised and decentralised topologies with DC power from a multifunction power supply and integrated battery backup.

System communication is based on Omneo IP architecture over an encrypted IP network, with connections to other system devices established via the built-in, five-port switch, which supports the rapid spanning tree protocol (RSTP) for redundant network configurations, with an open interface for third-party applications.

The PRA-SCS can also function as a single system controller, as part of a redundant system controller concept for uninterrupted system availability or as a subsystem controller in a multi-subnet system.

Up to six amplifiers can be assigned for up to 48 zones when used with the PRA-AD608 amplifiers, supporting eight external Dante/AES67 input/output channels, including encryption and decryption.

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