Bosch launches Mobile Access security management system

Bosch has debuted its Mobile Access security solution, allowing buildings and restricted areas to be managed without additional identification media.

Designed to fully integrate into Bosch’s Access Management System, users can configure and create access authorisations in their local Access Management System, managing employee and visitor data through a browser-based interface.

Authorised credentials can be sent remotely as a link or a QR code to an app on the end users’ mobile devices and can then be deleted again when needed.

The app can run in the background once started, meaning that smartphones do not have to be unlocked to open doors.

Two-factor authentication is also supported, prompting employees to unlock their smartphone to gain access via face ID or other measures, preventing sensitive personal data from being stored on local systems.

The system is compatible with software AMS 5.0.1 or BIS-ACE 5.0.1 and higher, as well as LECTUS select premium readers equipped with BLE.

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