Bosch launches Flexidome fixed dome cameras

Bosch has unveiled its Flexidome IP starlight 8000i fixed dome cameras, enabling remote wireless commissioning and data analysis.

The Flexidome 8000i cameras are available in three different models: the HD 1080p, 6 megapixel and the 4K ultra HD resolution. The 800i series can be commissioned wirelessly and features built-in Intelligent Video analytics with camera trainer functionality, allowing users to customise video analytics to detect objects or situations defined by the user, able to be combined with existing predetermined alarm rules and object filters of Bosch’s Intelligent Video Analytics.

The cameras include Bosch’s starlight technology built-in and allows fast moving objects to be captured with frame rates of up to 60fps, with HDR of up to 134 dB.

The cameras also have a water resistance of IP66, vandal resistance of IK10+ and an operating temperature range of -50 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius.

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