Bosch Dicentis flush language selector debuts at ISE 2020

Bosch discentis flush language selector
Bosch's Dicentis flush language selector

Bosch launched the latest in its interpretation product lineup, the Dicentis flush language selector; Highlighting language descriptions in native characters and automatic language output settings at the show.

The language selector is designed for passive listeners, using an existing IP infrastructure and PoE. The selector can integrate with the Dicentis conference system platform, capable of automatically adopting the Dicentis interpretation settings once connected to ensure routing of a selected language without additional configuration. 

All Dicentis conference system devices can be combined in one system, with active conference participants able to sue the discussion device with language selector, the discussion device with touchscreen or the multimedia device to select a preferred language. 

Passive listeners can follow meeting proceedings on the Flush language selector in the language of choice, with up to 100 interpreter-provided languages being supported and streamed from the Dicentis interpreter desk via an IP network. 

Touch buttons are also added, with the language selection functionality including language ISO (International Organisation of Standardisation) abbreviations or descriptions in native characters being visible when a headphone is connected and when interpretation languages are available. 

The screen automatically switches off after use and comes in a black finish with an ‘invisible’ mounting system, sharing the same installation footprint and layout as Bosch’s DCN Flush range.