Bosch Building Integration software adds PA control

Bosch Building Integration System (BIS) software has been updated to integrate with its Praesideo Public Address and Emergency Sound system.

The fire, intrusion, access control and video management system now offers Bosch Praesideo support on its all-in-one screen interface.

Suitable for stadiums, industrial plants, airports, the system allows operators to play separate messages or background music simultaneously for selected audio zones. Pre-record messages also play automatically, activated by alarms or events. In emergency scenario’s, operators can monitor live video feedback whilst using a microphone and speakers to direct people.

The OMNEO IP interface also allows multiple Bosch Praesideo subsystems or third-party public address systems to be connected at larger facilities.

The Version 4.2 additionally features enhances cyber protection to reduce unauthorised access (both internally and externally) to control and alarm management systems. OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) v2 Secure Channel controller-reader encryption have been combined with client-server and card-reader encryption to create data security at each stage of the access control.

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