Bosch bolsters video-over-IP series

AUTHOR: Inavate

Bosch Security Systems has added video decoding functionality to its VIP X1600 video-over-IP series. The enhancement is part of wider improvements, including a switch platform in the rack-mount base unit that accommodates multichannel video and audio encoder modules as well as the VIP X1600 XFMD decoder modules.

A 1 Gbps Ethernet port as been included on the rear of the base unit, which also now features a 1 Gbps small form factor pluggable (SFP) optical transceiver slot. This is placed on the front to enable direct fiber connection to a remote Storage Area Network.

As with the original series, the VIP X1600 XF base unit can accommodate up to four encoder modules, with each four analog video inputs or combined analog video/audio inputs and redundant power supply. Additionally the VIP X1600 XF base unit can accommodate up to four of the new VIP X1600 XFMD multichannel decoder modules featuring four analog video outputs plus bi-directional audio. Encoder and decoder modules can be mixed and matched within the base unit and the modules are also ‘hot swappable’, allowing modules to be added or exchanged at any time without interrupting transmission to the existing channels.

Featuring four analog BNC video outputs with bi-directional audio, the VIP X1600 XFMD decoder module is capable of decoding up to four MPEG-2 video streams without audio or up to 10 MPEG-4 video streams each at a maximum resolution of 4CIF@25/30 ips. The decoder can also be set up to display four full screen video signals or two full screen and two quad views. This allows the 10 MPEG-4 live video streams from a single decoder to be displayed on a compact monitor wall. If four decoder modules are used, the system can serve a monitor wall of up to 16 analog monitors displaying the live video from up to 40 cameras.