Bosch array for evenly distributed sound

Michel van Loon, acoustic application specialist for Bosch Security System's public address divison, demonstrates some of the key features of the company's Vari-directional array.

Bosch Security Systems says it can ensure an evenly distributed sound pattern with its Vari-directional Array. The product can cover ranges up to 50m and can overcome problems caused by reverberant spaces.

Digitally-controlled directivity is designed to ensure sound is sent only where it is needed to produce an optimal sound field. The system’s electrical beam steering optimises audience coverage without wasting output energy on ceilings or empty space above the audience.

Bosch configuration software uses a database of pre-programmed room settings. The installer enters the room dimensions and requirements and the software calculates the rest. It is also possible to customise audio processing and set supervision parameters.

The loudspeakers are EVAC compliant. All the amplifier and loudspeaker components - including the drivers - are fully supervised, faults are logged and a 24 V DC backup power supply can be connected.

The modular-designed product range consists of a base unit and extension units that can be connected together. The configuration software can automatically detect a connected extension unit. On its own, the base unit can cover up to 15 meters. Adding one extension provides coverage of up to 30 meters and adding two extensions provides coverage of up to 50 meters.

The arrays can be wall-mounted using mounting bracket supports that have 80° turn possibility, and the units have front amplifier cooling so flush-mounting in walls is also possible.

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