Bosch adds touchscreen to conference units

Bosch Security Systems has integrated a touchscreen into a conference unit with its DCN multimedia system.

It uses IP-based OMNEO media networking architecture and touchscreen conference devices for participants using a version of the Android operating system.

The platform combines audio, video, meeting content and touchscreen technology with high-resolution, capacitive touch displays.

Participants can share documents, retrieve and display presentations, as well as access the internet.

Bosch has used high-directive technology in the microphone and a built-in, two-way loudspeaker system. 

Audio settings allow for optimised room equalisation, while integrated intelligent Acoustic Feedback Suppression is designed to support higher volumes with maximum speech intelligibility. 

DCN Multimedia is built on the OMNEO media networking architecture and can make use of standardised network technology for ease of integration, cost-effective installation and simple maintenance. 

The system can be extended with OMNEO audio devices and a range of audio products supporting Dante technology. 

Additional functionality can be accessed via software and integrating third-party or custom-made apps. Audio and control data flowing through the system is encrypted. 

Bosch is targeting city and regional councils, government and corporate boardrooms with the product.

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