Bosch adds four wired units to Dicentis

Bosch has added four wired devices to the Dicentis line and will integrate its DCN multimedia system into the Dicentis family.

Dicentis is based on Bosch’s open media networking architecture, Omneo. Systems can be expanded with Omneo audio device and audio products supporting Dante technology. Functionality can be added to Dicentis devices via software and by integrating third-party or custom-made apps.

The conference systems are suited to corporate and government use. The system is capable of connecting a network of up to 750 conference devices and integrating with other systems that share the network including IP video streams or content management systems. Audio and control data is encrypted.

Dicentis Multimedia has a 7-in touchscreen interface and supports sharing of meeting content. Voting, language selection and identification functionalities can be added with software licenses.

The Dicentis Discussion device has a 4.3-in touchscreen and supports dual use, language selection and voting. Participant recognition is possible with an NFC (Near Field Communication) identification card. The touchscreen provides speaker identity and speaker request list. It offers access to translation and voting information and allows two delegates to share a device but vote separately and listen to proceedings in two different languages.

Also included in the Dicentis line up is the Discussion device with voting. It incorporates standard parliamentary-style voting facilities with touch buttons that only light up when the functionality is required. Voting access can be controlled via the device’s NFC identification function.

Dicentis Discussion device with language selector allows participants to listen to speakers in their own language. A language can be selected by plugging the headphone into the device to automatically activate the device’s language selection functionality. The delegate then scrolls through the list of available languages via the touch buttons on the device. 

The Dicentis Discussion device allows participants to raise their hand by pushing the discuss button and be placed in a discussion queue. It has a “possible to speak” function, providing indication to the delegate on when he or she can speak. 

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