Bosch adds features to Dicentis Hybrid Meetings

Bosch Building Technologies has announced the latest rollout of its Dicentis Hybrid Meetings cloud-hosted end-to-end hybrid conference system.

The latest phase of the Dicentis Hybrid Meetings roll out has seen the high-security promise from Bosch Building Technologies, backed by industry-standard evaluation and certification. Following an intense period of testing, Dicentis Hybrid Meetings has passed its penetration test from the esteemed usd HeroLab.

Dicentis Hybrid Meetings is now more accessible to a wider range of customers. The language selection option allows for remote participants to select and listen to available simultaneous interpreter languages (up to 31), making it suitable for international meeting environments like conference centres, international institutes as well to rental companies serving multi-lingual meetings.

In addition, the number of countries where Dicentis Hybrid Meetings is available has grown. The initial launch of Dicentis Hybrid Meetings focused on eight key European countries – Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, the UK and Italy. This has expanded with a further 13 European countries – Portugal, Hungary, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Preparations are underway to make the system available in more regions.


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