Bluesound Professional debuts network active loudspeakers

Bluesound Professional has announced the launch of two new loudspeakers, its BSP1000 and BSP500 network active loudspeakers, incorporating an integrated streaming capability for use in indoor or outdoor commercial projects.

Both models are available in white or black matte finishes and are supplied with a wall mounting bracket. 

The loudspeakers are powered via PoE, providing a ‘one-wire’ connection to the speaker for both power and audio. The player in the BSP speaker is based on Bluesound’s BluOS platform, capable of playing and distributing content from local network storage as well as from a number of streaming devices including SoundMachine, custom channels, QSIC and internet radio stations. 

Both loudspeakers include a one-in HF driver, with the BSP1000 incorporating a 6.5-in driver and the BSP500 using a 5.25-in woofer. 

A low power mode is included, with the BSP1000’s LF driver port loaded with a provided port plug for outdoor use, with content and power is accessed via wired Ethernet 

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