BlueJeans announces BlueJeans App Network

BlueJeans has launched its BlueJeans App Network, bringing in six partner integrations and 25 business integrations.

The BlueJeans App Network features six new partner integrations, including one with Splunk that is designed to collect and visualise enterprise usage data from BlueJeans Command Centre APIs. Users of Splunk Enterprise can integrate BlueJeans Command Centre data on meeting performance and user feedback. CIOs and CISOs now feature an additional layer of endpoint data inside a Splunk workflow.

The BlueJeans APP Network also includes 25 business integrations across eight categories: workstream collaboration, calendaring/scheduling, business productivity, IT management/security, meeting intelligence, content collaboration, marketing and education.

The BlueJeans App Network also features five partner applications:

Trello, in conjunction with BlueJeans, allows for accelerated project timelines by connecting teams through embedded video meetings from the Trello application window.

Hugo, which enables collaborative notetaking alongside the BlueJeans meeting experience.

My Ally, which automates recruiting activities through the use of a virtual personal assistant to manage interview scheduling and management.

And Meeting Bot, which allows users to find and schedule suitable meeting times and available conference rooms with Slack commands.

The App Network also features applications from Microsoft, Workplace by Facebook, Google and Slack.

The BlueJeans App Network also features popular applications from Microsoft, Workplace by Facebook, Google, and Slack.

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