BlueJeans launches onSocial to extend broadcasts on Facebook Live

BlueJeans Network has announced the global availability of BlueJeans onSocial, a video communications platform to extend many-to-many broadcasting capabilities to Facebook Live.

BlueJeans onSocial provides individuals, brands, and companies with the means to bring people together, create shared experiences, and broadcast them to the world. This adds a new dimension to Facebook Live by enabling multiple people to engage and communicate over live video in real-time, rather than simply posting comments or watching a single person broadcast his/her experience across a live feed; onSocial facilitates dynamic, authentic interaction between participants, regardless of their location.

BlueJeans offers two onSocial products, onSocial Personal offers anytime live broadcasting opportunities to small businesses and individuals for up to 25 active participants from any device or machine.  onSocial Studio is aimed at corporations and major brands, previously known as BlueJeans for Facebook Live, onSocial Studio enables as many as 100 participants based in different locations to connect and broadcast conversations to millions over Facebook Live.

onSocial Studio offers larger organisations additional tools, as well as presenters and camera feeds, for a professional-grade live experience or large scale event. Behind the scenes moderation, advanced camera control, and live support help ensure a seamless broadcast.

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