Blackmagic unveils switcher-compatible control panels

Blackmagic Design announced its Atem 2 M/E advanced panel and the Atem 4 M/E advanced panel control panels, designed to work Atem switchers.

The Atem advanced panels provide controls for all sizes of Atem switchers and include up to four M/Es, up to 24 separate LCDs for custom button labels, four separate system control LCDs and four T-bar fader controls. 

The panel designs allow for both desktop use or inset mounting for a flat control surface. 
The 2 M/E model features two M/E rows with 20 input buttons and two independent system control LCDS for each row, with each row capable of controlling up to four M/Es in larger switchers.

Both rows and all input buttons include LCs for custom labelling, with each row including an independent select bus. 

The 4 M/E model is capable of matching the features on the ATEM Constellation switcher, featuring four M/E rows with 40 input buttons per row and four independent system control LCDs for each row. 

The panel includes 24 LCDs for custom labelling of each button on every row

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