Blackmagic software update bolsters Videohub

Blackmagic Design has added new Macro support and network based configuration of control panels to its range of Videohub SDI routers and Smart Control panels.

The Videohub 4.9 software update is designed for Mac OS X and Windows and can be downloaded by Blackmagic Customers.

Blackmagic’s Videohub products route SD, HD and 3 Gb/s SDI video and remove the need for manual video patching. Videohubs range from 16 x 16 SDI up to the 288 x 288 Universal Videohub that lets customers mix SDI and optical fiber interfaces in a modular rack based design. Videohub and Universal Videohub routers can be fully controlled using networkable Videohub Control Panel software and Videohub Smart Control, a 1 rack unit hardware control panel consists of 40 programmable buttons with RGB illumination.

Videohub 4.9 adds new functionality for new and existing Videohub customers. The addition of macros to Videohub Smart Control means that users can now activate multiple simultaneous switching commands with a single button. New Smart Control configuration software lets users define up to 10 macros each with their own source and destination routing commands that can then be activated by one button.

Also included is the new Smart Control software utility which provides advanced Ethernet configuration options all from a single central software utility for Windows and Mac OS X. This new control utility includes a new identify function which lets users visibly select the Smart Control panel they want to configure. Pressing the identify key causes all 40 Smart Control buttons to flash. Network configuration of control panels makes it easy to assign specific inputs, outputs and now macros to particular buttons. Users can also create a unique name for each panel to further aid identification.

This new software update also adds support for allowing destinations to be locked from a Smart Control panel as well as Videohub software. The ability to lock specific routes is imperative in mission critical environments to avoid accidental breaking of these connections. Pressing and holding down a chosen destination will turn the button blue and this connection cannot be broken by another attached Smart Control.

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