Blackmagic Design releases Video Assist 2.3 update

Blackmagic Design VideoAssist

Blackmagic Design has announced Video Assist 2.3, an new update for Blackmagic Video Assist customers that adds 3D LUTs to both models. This update also adds features to the 5-in Blackmagic Video Assist including improved DNxHD and DNxHR support, false colour monitoring, expanded focus options and new screen rotation features.

The Video Assist 2.3 update is available for download now from the Blackmagic Design website and is free of charge for all Blackmagic Video Assist customers.

Customers using the Video Assist 2.3 update can now load up to six 3D LUTs when monitoring video on set with their 5-in or 7-in Blackmagic Video Assist.

For customers using the 5-in Blackmagic Video Assist model, this update adds new features that were previously released only on the 7-in Blackmagic Video Assist 4K model.

These new features include the ability to record to DNxHD and DNxHR files in MXF format which improves compatibility with Avid systems running on Windows. In addition, customers can now choose between DNxHD 220, 145 and 45 bit rates, or between DNxHR HQ, SQ and LB formats when recording.

The Video Assist 2.3 update also adds false colour monitoring exposure tools to the 5-in Blackmagic Video Assist model. False colour exposure tools make it easier to properly set exposure in different parts of the image by highlighting specific colour ranges of luminance with a solid colour overlay.

In addition, Video Assist 2.3 update also expands the options for focus assist so customers can now choose whether they want to see red, green, blue, black, white or traditional focus peaking indicators. This makes it easier for customers to accurately adjust focus in a wider range of scenes and under a variety of different lighting conditions. Customers will now also have the ability to manually control the screen orientation and turn off the auto rotate feature which makes it easier for customers to use the 5-in Blackmagic Video Assist model with handheld gimbals and other equipment designed to move the camera and rig simultaneously.