Blackmagic Design announces Web Presenter

Blackmagic Design has announced the Blackmagic Web Presenter, which allows customers to use SDI and HDMI video sources with streaming software and services such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and more.

Featuring 12G-SDI and HDMI connections, Blackmagic Web Presenter will down convert any SD, HD and Ultra HD sources and make them look like a 720p USB webcam.

Streaming in 720p ensures users get HD and a 16:9 aspect ratio, but with very low data rates so uplinking streams to the internet is easy from any computer.

Blackmagic Web Presenter can also live switch programs using its built in two input production switcher when the optional Teranex Mini Smart Panel is installed, making it a full live production solution for location broadcast.

Blackmagic Web Presenter replaces expensive dedicated streaming encoders and lets customers or broadcasters use professional cameras to stream high quality video through their chosen software and websites.

AV professionals can create live streams of seminars and conferences, educators can stream school performances and recitals to family members around the world.

Blackmagic Web Presenter can be used as a full featured, professional live production switcher simply by adding the optional Teranex Mini Smart Panel. That means users can create webinars using multiple sources.

Blackmagic Web Presenter features Teranex conversions for high quality image scaling. Incoming SD, HD and Ultra HD sources are automatically converted to 720p and output via USB to the computer for streaming on the internet. Converting sources to 720p is ideal for streaming because it delivers HD resolution at the lowest possible data rate. If the streaming software detects a slow internet connection, it can command Blackmagic Web Presenter to reduce the frame rate to 20, 15, 10 or even 5 frames per second.

Customers using Blackmagic Web Presenter don’t need to install any additional drivers because it is a standard UVC and UAC compatible USB video device. That means Mac, Windows, Linux and even Chromebook computers will automatically recognise Blackmagic Web Presenter as a standard webcam. This allows customers to use professional cameras to get superior video quality, while maintaining compatibility with all of their existing software because the computer sees it as a simple webcam.

Blackmagic Web Presenter works with software such as Open Broadcaster and XSplit Broadcaster, as well as popular sites like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Skype, Twitch.TV, Periscope and more.

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