Black Box launches 4K Quad Multiviewer at InfoComm 2017

Black Box, has announced the expansion of its video scaler line with the 4K Quad Multiviewer, which enables simultaneous viewing of four 4K60 video sources on one display in real time.

Suitable for conference rooms, control rooms and classrooms, the 4K Quad Multiviewer offers 4K60 4:4:4 support or full HD 1080p. The unit accepts five video inputs: three HDMI, one DisplayPort and one VGA. It also accepts one stereo digital/analog input. Depending on the resolution of the input, the viewer automatically scales video up or down to match the native resolution of the display. Users simply connect video sources, such as laptops, DVRs, media boxes or set top boxes, and the 4K Quad Multiviewer intelligently converts the signal for optimal display.
The 4K Quad Multiviewer can view four different video sources, so users need only one display instead of having to purchase four displays, which take up more room at the workstation.
Users can choose from six pre-set layouts to display the four video sources. They can also create up to 8 custom layouts. In addition, images can be rotated, flipped, and enlarged.
The 4K Quad Multiviewer offers operators and engineers in control rooms and real-time operations centres instantaneous access to mission-critical monitoring systems. Users in manufacturing, energy, government, utilities and transportation have the ability to see multiple feeds on one display instead of switching from display to display. The PC sources connected to the Quad Multiviewer can be connected to a KVM switch for adding keyboard and mouse control.
Users can hold more efficient meetings by connecting PCs, laptops, DVRs and other video sources to the 4K Quad Multiviewer. This gives users the ability to collaborate and share their screens and other information. The 4K Quad Multiviewer also supports external control and can be controlled by any third party control device, such as Black Box’sControlBridge control system.
Room Automation and Control. By integrating the ControlBridge control system, users will gain one touch control of the 4K Quad Multiviewer as well as other AV devices and room automation systems.

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