Biamp unveils updated product range at ISE 2020

Biamp has debuted its TesiraConnect TC-5D dual network device, TEC-X configurable control pads, Crowd Mics Online app as well as the Prezone2 Preamplifier and P30DT pendant loudspeaker at the show.

TesiraConnect TC-5D

Biamp announced the expansion of its TesiraConnect line, adding the TesiraConnect TC-5D dual network device, allowing users to incorporate AVB and Dante into AV systems. 

The TesiraConnect TC-5D adds the interoperability of Dante, allowing users to connect and power both Dante and Biamp AVB devices via PoE+ in the same system without configuration. 

Connected Dante devices can be managed using Dante Domain Manager as well as be configured in Dante Controller, with the TC-5D able to be monitored and maintained using Biamp’s SageVue management platform. 

The TC-5D and existing TC-5 model come with five network connections, four of which are PoE+ powered RJ-45 ports that support single-cable connectivity, with an additional unpowered RJ-45 port included to pass all signals back to a Tesira DSP. 

The TesiraConnect TC-5D and TesiraConnect TC-5 also integrate with Biamp’s SageVue management and monitoring system. 

TEC-X configurable control pads 

The TEC-X range of wall and table controllers were unveiled at the show, allowing users to control AV equipment in presentation spaces and conference rooms that use the Tesira platform. 

The range is comprised of two models: The TEC-X 1000 and TEC-X 2000, with the TEC-X 1000 combining a rotary encoder and small scale touchscreen with a control pad that can be programmed to display a variety of button layouts that initiate desired actions. 

The rotary encoder is designed to be recognisable as a volume control, but can be programmed for a variety of purposes, with the rotary able to be pushed to select for one additional button to those already displayed on the screen. 

The TEC-X 2000 features a larger touchscreen instead of a rotary encoder, with the TEC-X 2000 able to be programmed with a variety of layouts that can feature up to 12 touch buttons. 

Both models are PoE powered, with up to four controllers able to be daisy-chained to support environments that require multiple devices. 

The TEC-X controllers can be installed in a variety of back boxes, with the range supporting 802.1X authentication and include an ambient light sensor as well as a programmable lightbar which can be used to indicate room or device status. 

TEC-X supports 802.1X authentication and features an ambient light sensor for energy efficiency, as well as a programmable lightbar that can be used to indicate room or device status as desired.

Programmers can use the TEC-X for a variety of control purposes, using the customisation capabilities of the user interface through Tesira software. 

As updates are made to a room, programmers can extend the capabilities to TEC-X devices and make adjustments as needed.

Crowd Mics Online 


Biamp also launched its Crowd Mics Online app at ISE 2020, turning smartphones into a personal microphone and interactive response via an iOS or Android app, allowing users in remote locations to use Crowd Mics Online to connect with an event presenter as if they are in the same room. 

The attendee app and moderator interface will be translated into 20 languages to make Crowd Mics accessible to international users. 

Moderators using Crowd Mics Online maintain control over conversations via the moderator interface, with Crowd Mics Online enabling bi-directional functionality between remote participants and the Crowd Mic’s host device, the Atom. 

Remote attendees can ask questions by voice or text and participate in real-time polls via smartphones. 

Preamplifier and pendant loudspeaker 
Biamp_P30DT-W_P30DT pendant loudspeaker

The Prezone2 dual-zone stereo preamplifier and P30DT 4.25-in, two-way pendant loudspeaker were also released at the show, with the Prezone2 allowing end users to control audio source selection and volume across two audio zones, with the P30DT being added to Biamp’s loudspeaker catalogue as a smaller pendant loudspeaker designed for venues where aesthetics and audio quality are priorities. 

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