Biamp Introduces Sona AEC Algorithm at ISE 2010

AUTHOR: Inavate

Biamp Systems has introduced Sona, its latest innovation in acoustic echo cancellation algorithms. Sona offers features, which the company says will deliver enhanced audio quality - even in the most challenging acoustical environments - while also providing increased efficiencies for integrators when installing audio networks.

The Sona AEC algorithm is now availablein AudiaFLEX AEC-2HD cards, Nexia VC (videoconferencing) and Nexia TC(teleconferencing) processors.

In addition to true 20Hz to 20 kHzwideband AEC, Sona introduces the following benefits:

· Longer tail length - The taillength available with Sona is up to 300 milliseconds. This means thatconference sessions can be held in larger rooms or evenacoustically-challenging environments and participants willexperience clear, crisp, echo-free audio.

· Faster convergence - The time toconverge is faster with Sona than with other algorithms on themarket. As a result, echo-free audio will be maintained under almostevery condition, such as at conference start-up, when a microphone ismoved, when a participant enters or leaves the room, or if someoneopens or closes a window or door.

· Enhanced performance - Sona isless sensitive to changes in gain structure than other systems. As aresult, it is easier to set up and install, saving the integratoreffort, time and cost.