Biamp debuts Project Designer 1.35.4 with new software features

Biamp has released Project Designer 1.35.4, optimised to run more efficiently while adding new features.

The software update includes a new ‘open Apprimo settings’ capability that allows designers to add a button in the interface to open the same touch panel settings, which previously were only accessible by using the reset tool to depress a recessed switch. These settings can now be accessed on Apprimo Touch 4, 7, and 10 touch panels, as well as Apprimo Touch 8i control panels.

Version 1.35.4 also adds support for SSH communication between the Impera Tango and Uniform controllers, as well as Apprimo Touch 8i control panels and the devices that they control.

Version 1.35.4 also brings control of Tesira systems, as well as hundreds of new drivers across common devices from a variety of manufacturers.

Device Editor software has also been updated for creating and editing custom device drivers.

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