Biamp debuts Desono EX surface mount loudspeakers

Biamp has launched its Desono EX surface mount loudspeakers, designed for a range of distributed applications as well as indoor and outdoor use.

The Desono EX range includes three full-range models with one matching enclosure subwoofer, launching the 6.5-in Desono EX model available now with an 8-in model, 10-in model and 10-in subwoofer coming soon.

The Desono EX-S6 provides 112dB maximum continuous output with a 110 degrees wide dispersion and response down to 58 Hz.

The loudspeaker is available in black or white finishes and can be used with CMX ClikMount pan-tilt and ClickMount u-brackets, with two mounting options designed for use with the Desono EX loudspeakers.

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