beyerdynamic introduces Quinta TB wireless boundary microphone

beyerdynamic has unveiled its latest microphone offering: the Quinta TB wireless boundary microphone.

The Quinta TB wireless boundary microphone is designed to optimise voice transmission during video conferences. Incorporating Quinta Triple Band technology, the system provides HD audio quality, 128 bit encryption and a 24-bit PIN code to protect against eavesdropping.

Operators can set different operating modes using the system software. In microphone mode the Quinta CU acts as a multi-channel receiver allowing a maximum of four Quinta TBs (depending on room size and the number of participants) to be operated at one time. The software can also be used to connect up to 9 central control units whilst in this mode.

In conference mode, the Quinta TB acts as a delegate microphone unit that can be used for any conference application.

The system offers a minimum operating time of 14 hours. It shows all participants the status of the microphone and enables use of the global mute, push-to-talk and push-to-mute modes.

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