BenQ launches wireless Android-based projectors for business

BenQ has introduced wireless Android-based smart projector range for business. Launching three projectors, the EH600, EW600 and EW800ST; the range offers resolution and brightness up to 3500 lumens, connectivity and smart features via its on-board Android system.

With an increase of BYOD in the professional environment and a mixture of team members working from home or across different office locations, the new projector range simplifies connectivity both remotely and in-person. While collectively encouraging workers on different operating systems, including Mac/iOS, Android, and PC, to collaborate.

Offering a myriad of ways to connect and share ideas, screen mirroring allows up to four users to connect from PCs, tablets or smartphones, to simultaneously share and edit content wirelessly to the display.

BenQ’s dedicated smartphone app, InstaShow, as well as Bluetooth technology also allows users to control the projector’s own interface from their devices, for live presentation control without having to physically touch the projector’s hardware.

The EH600, EW600 and EW800ST all come with a suite of apps to get the meeting started right away such as a Firefox browser, TeamViewer and Blizz for fast and intuitive collaboration. BenQ’s InstaShare app also allows remote staff to connect to the screen for collaboration sessions in real-time, letting them contribute notes and save and record presentations.

The on-board android system supports a wide range of file types including JPEG, PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, enabling users to present material without having to convert files into a uniform format.

Users can also load files onto a USB drive and plug directly into the projector, interfacing with the files wirelessly from the smartphone app rather than via a laptop or other source. Alternatively, in-built Bluetooth technology allows the user to connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to interact with the android system directly.

In addition, the projectors benefit from BenQ’s AMS (Account Management System) and DMS (Device Management Solution) management support programmes. Enabling the set up of personal profiles which can be assessed and managed directly on the projector via the cloud, as well as networked or remote service and maintenance for IT departments.

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