BenQ adds web-based whiteboard platform

BenQ has announced the launch of its interactive whiteboard system, EZWrite Live, a free web-based platform that allows collaboration between multiple users from a web browser remotely to facilitate distance learning.

The EZWrite Live is accessible from devices with access to a web browser, allowing users to create, share and collaborate on a virtual whiteboard via the cloud. 

The whiteboard platform features a broadcast and co-create mode, allowing content providers to switch between visual lectures or interactive lessons, allowing students to use annotation and sticky note features on the content in real time. 

A built-in video conferencing function is included to allow one-to-one sessions with live discussions on the ‘collaborative canvas’. 

Lesson record and file share tools are features to allow teachers to save lessons for future reference or incorporate different assets and imagery into the lesson, allowing students to bring in documents, imagery or ideas for participants to discuss lessons and annotate content. 

Built-in templates are also included to allow access to different scenarios and ways of using the board, with custom templates able to be uploaded. 
Users can also scan a QR code or click a link to allow students to engage with lessons. 

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