BenQ launches InstaShow VS20 wireless presentation VC system

BenQ has launched its InstaShow VS20 wireless presentation and video conferencing system, designed to combine wireless presentation, wireless conferencing and microphone technology into one product.

Designed for medium to large-size conferencing rooms, the InstaShow VS20 can connect to laptops, mobile devices, cameras, media players, game controls and Linux devices via USB-C or HDMI connection.

The InstaShow VS20 enables users to control devices directly from interactive displays of any make or model through the product’s Touchback control feature.

The system is compatible with all video conferencing platforms and integrates with room systems to provide connectivity for full room integration of displays, videobars, speakers, cameras and room microphones.

A VC Assist app is included to allow meeting hosts to quickly adjust the room setup from a local meeting to a hybrid one.

The InstaShow VS20 uses its hardware-based button design to deliver an onboard omnidirectional wireless microphone, presenting a wireless cascade microphone system with audio coverage that can be scaled to the number of meeting participants in the room.

Each wireless microphone can be individually muted at the unit, using acoustic echo cancellation to remove echoes and reverberation that can prevent clear audio. The system features a four-way voice reception design to pick up voices within a 4.5 metre radius.

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