BenQ launches cross-platform interactive flat panel series

BenQ has unveiled its DuoBoard platform-agnostic interactive flat panel (IFP) display series designed for meeting room environments.

The display is available in two sizes, a 65-in model (CP6501K) and 86-in (CP8601K) with 4K resolution. 

The screen can be partitioned to enable the use of multiple side-by-side applications with the DuoWindow feature. 

Android, iOS, macOS or Windows can run simultaneously on the screen using Duo OS.

Positioning two DuoBoard displays together allows them to be used as one continuous workspace with built-in sensors connecting the screens without connecting wires. 
The display features 20-point multi-touch capability for the interaction of multiple users at once with an integrated camera with a noise-reducing and echo-cancelling microphone array for video conferencing. Users can also start meetings with one touch through the BenQ launcher. 

The DuoBoard also features a USB passthrough allowing for touch functionality and camera activation allowing video calls to be hosted from desktop accounts. 

BenQ’s device management solution (DMS) is included, allowing administrators to remotely control BenQ displays from one device, with the account management system (AMS) granting users access through the account-based NFC login. 

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