BenQ germ-resistant RP03 smart board displays now shipping

BenQ has announced the launch of its RP03 series smart boards, a germ-resistant interactive display with an integrated microphone and Dolby speaker array.

The 4K Education Premium RP03 series smart boards are available in 65-in, 75-in and 86-in models, including one-tap NFC log-in to load lesson materials rapidly.

Interactive teaching tools are included with the germ-resistant screen, which also boasts a pen and remote for on-screen interaction.

Split windows can be used for multitasking purposes, alongside 16W speakers and 16W Dolby Digital Plus surround sound for lesson clarity both in person and in remote environments.

InstaShare wireless screen sharing is also available, alongside Eyesafe technology to reduce blue light emissions.

The RP03 is also the first BenQ display to include an air ionizer.

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