BenQ adds to RP Series of interactive flat panels

BenQ has added new models to its Premium RP Series of interactive flat panels for education and corporate environments.

Available in three sizes: 65-in (RP6502), 75-in (RP7502), 86-in (RP8602) each with 4K resolution and Fine IR Touch for precise control.

The units have been designed to offer healthcare, collaboration and management support for installers, IT departments and end users.

BenQ has incorporated its HealthCare+ technology to help protect users against deteriorating health risks. Preventing the spread of bacteria often found on touchscreen surfaces, an antibacterial non-toxic nano-ionic silver screen coating kills bacteria on touch and is resilient to heavy use and cleaning. In addition, a built-in sensor measures the room air quality, signalling when CO2 levels are too high, indicating to users to adjust the room’s ventilation. The RP Series also features BenQ’s smart eye-care technology to protect against blue-light and flicker irritation.

For education and corporations, NFC technology enables BenQ to embed an NFC sensor into the front of each panel, allowing users to gain access to any display within its network via an ID card or QR code. Combined with BenQ’s Account Management System (AMS), users' personal workspaces and display settings load instantly, with added access to documents saved within personal cloud storage.

The latest version of BenQ’s collaboration software EZWrite 5 is built into the RP Series. Its features let users switch between apps while still being able to annotate and screen capture anywhere on the screen and on any input, whilst EZWrite Live is suitable for in-room or distance/remote learning.  The display is also compatible with BenQ’s InstaShare app to allow multiple users to connect personal devices to the display, share content and annotate simultaneously.

For IT departments, the inclusion of BenQ’s free Device Management System (DMS) provides advanced access to control, manage and service a single display or fleet of displays either onsite or remotely.

BenQ has also installed its free X-Sign Broadcast software into the panels, which creates and schedules messages or content to the displays remotely. These can be sent in full screen resolution, as a banner or as a ticker across part of the display allowing the extra element of communication and signage.   

The displays are available to pre-order for delivery in July.

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