Belden bolsters Brilliance with strong and small cables

Belden Inc., has bolstered its Brilliance cable range with the 1776 and 2221 microphone cables.

Brilliance 1776 is Belden's strongest microphone cable while Brilliance 2221 is a compact digital microphone cable.

The 1776 option is an analogue cable designed for studio and lice use and has a minimum pull strength of 113kg.

It is engineered with high strength custom alloy conductors and a tough EPDM rubber jacket, making it suitable for rental houses.

The second cable introduction is suitable for applications where full-size microphone cables are too large.

Brilliance 2221 is small enough for hand-held solid-state recording devices (SSD) with miniature microphone connectors, such as those from Lemo, Neutrik or Switchcraft, or those using Bantam or TT jacks as the balanced line input.

With an impedance of 110 ohms, the cable is able to carry digital audio and it has a capacitance of 42.7 pF/m.

Brilliance 2221 is suitable for use as an analogue or digital patch cable where Bantam or TT patch connectors are used. It can also be used as a DMX lighting control cable when small size and flexibility are required.

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