Beam projector screws into any light socket

A programmable projector has been launched on crowdfunding site Kickstarter that works with smart phones and tablets. The cylindrical unit boasts a 100 lumens, 12x LED bulb and is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Called, Beam, owners can use it just about anywhere by screwing into any light bulb socket or hooking up a traditional power cord. Users can also specify particular content to be delivered at a particular time.

One side of the Beam unit is slightly flat so it can be placed on tables and other surfaces to project onto a nearby wall. Users can program the devices using ‘if and then’ rules so specific content is delivered at a particular time such as traffic or weather news projected as part of an alarm clock. The initial version of the product will have 8GB of storage which isn’t currently scheduled to be upgradeable.

Beam Labs have brought in more than double its funding goal of $200,000 on Kickstarter and the device is due to be released for Apple and Android devices later in the year.

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