Barix launches IP paging and intercom talk station

Barix has unveiled its Annuncicom PS Touch desktop master station for IP intercom, paging and VoIP applications, building on the functionality of the PS16 paging system by including a 10.1-in touchscreen interface for zone selection, an interchangeable XLR-connected gooseneck microphone and PoE.

Touchscreen controls and a dedicated ‘talk’ button are included as well as a built-in five-watt output speaker, codec support including AACplus, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, G.711, G.722 and PCM decoding. 

An optional flash memory is available for stored messages and announcements when used with IC paging. 

Two models of the Annuncicom PS Touch are available, with one designed for Barix’s simple plating system for basic paging installations and another pre-configured for use with Barix’s IC paging platform for additional paging features and intercom applications. 
Both models run on standard IP network infrastructure without the use of a centralised server.

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