Barix adds remote configuration tools to IP Former device

Barix has announced the launch of its remote configuration toolset for its IP Former analogue-to-IP speaker upgrade system, adding the toolset to each IP Former device.

The configuration toolset can be accessed through a web browser, allowing for the centralised configuration of all IP Former units operating on the same network.

Users can configure a scalable number of IP Former devices simultaneously from the toolset’s dashboard, including a grid view which displays all IP Former devices on the network, active settings and the active stream on each unit.  

Devices can be assigned to grouped zones, with the option to specify multiple, prioritised source streams for each unit. Settings can also be copied from one IP Former device to multiple IP Former devices simultaneously, alongside an interface button next to each device which triggers audible playback of a test sound on the corresponding unit.

 The toolset will be included on new IP Former devices and is available as a firmware upgrade for existing units.

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