Barco unveils TruePix LED platform at ISE 2022

Barco has debuted its TruePix LED videowall platform at ISE 2022, designed for a variety of enterprise applications.

The system is comprised of 16:9 high-resolution tiles in multiple pixel pitch options ranging from 0.9mm to 1.9mm.

TruePix incorporates Barco’s Infinipix Gen2 image processing system, with low latency and no visual distortions or tearing.

Barco’s SteadyView incorporates SteadyView, designed to improve viewing ergonomics and reduce eye fatigue for high-intensity applications such as control rooms and command centres.

The system incorporates the ability to use 5gb bandwidth, with a four-way inter-tile communication and signal loop redundancy embedded.

TruePix incorporates an auto-balancing system to ensure a level LED videowall installation. The tiles also slide into place without the need for manual adjustments, using a guided module insertion for a contactless installation.

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