Barco unveils LED and projection innovations

Barco has announced new products across the full range of its groups in Las Vegas. New products in the LED, Projection and video switching and processing markets have formed the focus of the company’s booth at InfoComm 2008.

Amongst the highlights are NX-6 LED panels, which build upon the NX-4 shown last year to provide a 6mm indoor LED tile. Each provides a 4200:1 contrast ratio and a calibrated output of 200 NIT. NX-6 shares the same Mag-frame high-strength carbon fibre structure as NX-4.

Also on show are new additions to the FLM projector line including FLM HD20 and R22+, which are higher brightness models. They are designed with features to reduce maintenance costs – such as a universal lamp housing, and reduce overall power consumption by increasing lighting efficiency. In addition a new internal warping card has been introduced to the FLM line as a whole enabling images to be projected onto curved surfaces.

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