Barco opens new applications for Galaxy projectors with warping unit

Barco has introduced MCM-400 - an external warping, blending and colour matching device - for its Galaxy 4K projectors.

The hardware component allows the Galaxy series to be used in virtual reality systems, including use in a multi-channel setup to allow very high-resolution displays with a limited number of projectors.

MCM-400 offers features such as warping, electronic blending, and advanced colour correction between different screens in the same application.

It means Barco’s 4K projector series can be used in larger collaboration rooms (both flat and curved), 3D visualization, and high-resolution command and control displays.

MCM-400 handles both mono and stereo sources up to 48 Hz. Stereo sources are connected by means of left and right passive stereo signals, which are then converted into an active flicker-free stereo signal up to 120 Hz. Furthermore, both mono and stereo sources can be shown synchronously with the input.

The unit is controlled by an infrared remote via a real-time on-screen menu. Alternatively, touch panels can be integrated for control via IP.

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